Tree Climbing Equipment

All tree climbers must wear helmets with a chinstrap. Eye protection and gloves should be worn when using handsaws. All clothing must be non-stag, gloves can be worn if required and boots must be sturdy and have a good grip.

Tree climbers must carry a first aid kit incorporating at least a large wound dressing, a whistle and a Sharpe retractable knife.

Handsaws are encouraged in order to clear small branches out of the way when climbing.


Work positioning harness (EN 813, EN 358).

A waist belt with leg loops, possibly connected to a sit strap/hard seat, with front pelvic anchorage point(s).

Full body harness (BS EN 361)

A full body harness is the only type of harness which is acceptable for use in a fall-arrest situation used with an energy absorber (BS EN 355).

All harnesses should carry the relevant CE marking in compliance with the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (1999) and the PPE at work regulations (1992).

Ropes (EN 1891)

Climbing ropes must comply with AFAG 401 guidance. Generally climbing ropes are a minimum of 12mm in diameter, although smaller diameters can be used if appropriate.


Used for connecting the harness to lifelines should be self-locking types with a minimum of three distinct movements to unlock the gate. Twist locks and screw gates should not be used.

Karabiners must be inspected daily before use and during the working day.


In order to comply with work at height regulations (2005) load bearing adjustable supplementary anchor points should be used.

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Posted on November 7th 2011

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