Resuscitation – DRAB

Danger – make sure it’s safe to help

• Check that it is safe for you to help the casualty. Do not put yourself at risk.
• If possible remove any danger from the casualty, or if not, can you safely move the casualty from the danger.
• Find out what’s happened – make sure you still safe
• Check how many casualties there are, Can you cope ?

Response – are the conscious

• Gently shake the shoulders and ask loudly “are you alright?”.
• If there is no response, shout for help immediately, but do not leave the casualty yet.

Airway – open the airway

Carefully the open the airway by using ‘head tilt’ and ‘chin lift’

• Place your hand on the forehead and gently tilt the head back.
• With your fingertips under the point of the casualty’s chin, lift the chin to open the airway.

Breathing – check for normal breathing

Keeping the airway open, check to see if the breathing is normal. Take no more than 10 seconds to do this:

• Look at the chest and abdomen for movement
• Listen for the sounds of breathing (more than the occasional gasp)
• Feel for breath on your cheek or movement of the chest or abdomen.

If the casualty is breathing normally, carry out a secondary survey and place them in the recovery position.

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Posted on November 7th 2011

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